I met Ayla in Mexico in January 2022, I didn’t know she was a musician at the time, for me she was first and foremost mum to Awen, a young, wild bundle of energy with bright shining eyes, who was almost 3 years old at the time. I had so much fun with the little one and we lived together for 6 weeks at a private cenote in the jungle of Tulum. Over time, other travellers told me about her popularity and I looked on my Spotify and funnily enough had liked a song of hers.
Through the connection that I was working with artists like Estas, who she also knew, a connection was made right away.

I soon got on well with her partner Joshua and we travelled through Mexico together for another 3 months.
Through my social media support and nanny of Awen, the new profession, “social media nanny” was born.

Awen, Joshua and Ayla have given me a lot on my way and through the cooperation and friendship many doors have opened for me.

I edited the Fluyendo video and was with them on their first European tour in 2023, where I mainly supported them photographically. Likewise, on that tour, this video came out.

Soon the video for the song “Honor the Water”, which I produced, will be released.