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Steadycam-, Gimbal- and Cameraoperator

in Bern, Basel, Luzern, Zürich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, München, Graz and Milan


An insight into my work as a steadycam, gimbal and camera operator on commercials, live events, music videos and documentaries.

About Me

Benjamin Wedemeyer

As a camera and steadycam operator, I live for live productions and capturing unique moments. I believe in capturing the moment authentically without endlessly devoting ourselves to perfection. My strength lies in capturing people’s emotions in real time and capturing these moments with a dash of innovation. This has quickly earned me a steady place at major large-scale events, where my work is valued.

I grew up at the Ammersee near Munich. At the age of 14 I moved to Graz, where I completed a comprehensive 5-year film education at the renowned Ortwein School.

After my school career, I found my profession in the commercial industry and established myself as a live director, producing music videos and image films on my own.

While my focus is now on international advertising, music videos and documentaries with artists like Estas Tonne, Ayla Schafer, Snatam Kaur, I still have a special passion for live productions. It fills me with joy every time the opportunity arises to work in this field.

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TaKeTiNa, one of the most renowned rhythm techniques worldwide, was developed by Reinhard Flatischler in the 1970s.

It was a special honour for me to create a film that awakens the fascination and curiosity for TaKeTiNa and at the same time captures the diversity of this unique method.


“thePicbes” Aftermovie


“thePicbes” represents the annual highlight of and is held in the impressive setting of the Graz City Hall.

In my function as Steadicam operator I was booked for the two-day live stream as well as the production of the aftermovie.

Wiener Zuckerbäckerball


The traditional and particularly entertaining “Zuckerbäckerball” in the Vienna Hofburg is the sweet highlight of the ball season in Vienna.

As a Steadicam operator, I was hired for the event for both the live broadcast and the production of the aftermovie.



Where is your base?

As a steadycam, gimbal and camera operator as well as live director, I offer my services internationally.

My current operating radius includes central and southern Germany, such as the cities of Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Munich, Zurich, Lucern, Basel and Bern in Switzerland, as well as Graz in Austria and Milan in Italy.

In these cities I have my own steadycam equipment and have access to overnight accommodation.

With over two years of experience as a travelling nomad and mobile film equipment, I also have a travel filming set-up suitable for hand luggage.


Load capacity and setup of the Steadycam?

I have the “Steadicam AERO 30”, which has a payload of up to 8 kg.

It is currently equipped with a VCT quick-release plate, which, in combination with a shoulder module, enables the quick mounting and dismounting of smaller cameras such as the Sony F-PDW350, FX6 or an A7SIII.

This configuration is ideal for an efficient live workflow.

Futher Equipment?


  • Sony FX6
  • Sony A7S III



  • Sony 20mm F1.8 (SEL20F18G) E-Mount
  • Sony 35mm F1.4  (SEL25F14GM)  E-Mount
  • Sony 70-200mm F2.8  (SEL70200GM2) E-Mount
  • Sigma 50mm F1.4 Art EF-Mount


HDMI Transmission

  • Hollyland Mars 300 (about 250ms latency)


SDI / HDMI Adapter

  • Various adapters from SDI to HDMI and vice versa


DC-, V-Mount, D-Tap Adapter

  • Various adapters available

Is it possible to rent only the steadycam?

I do not rent out my equipment independently. It is only available in combination with my services and can be used as an additional offer.

If there is interest in trying out the Steadicam, I also offer training and workshops.

Driving Licence / Car / ...

Driving licence

B, BE, C1 (95), C (95), C1E (95), CE (95) & F, which allows me to drive cars and trucks with trailers.


Nissan X-Trail with trailer hitch and 2000kg towing capacity (braked).


E-Mail:  info @ benjamin minus wedemeyer . com
Tel: +43 677 617 08 665