about the project

This project is a small step in my vision to create films that are not only visually appealing, but also carry messages to the world, stimulate thought, present exciting topics and wrap visions in impressive images.

In November 2023, my mother, Irmela, had the idea of leading a circle dance group in Egypt. Surrounded by endless sand dunes in a remote oasis, she asked me for support.

Fascinated by the prospect of experiencing new cultures in this unique environment, I embarked on a spiritual journey into the desert. The film, which lasts just under 20 minutes, captures the beauty of the intimate dance space and morning yoga with thoughtfulness and mindfulness. The impressive songs by Philipp Stegmüller and the poignant film music carry the audience through this emotional adventure.

Immerse yourself in “Oasis Time: A Dance Journey into the Desert” and join me on this spiritual journey of mindfulness. Let yourself be enchanted by images and sounds that not only provide entertainment, but also stimulate thought and reflection. I look forward to sharing my vision with you through this small pilot project.