about the project

When I traveled to Mexico in January 2023 and had been in contact with Markus from Mirabai Ceiba, he asked me if he could connect me with Snatam, a longtime friend of his, she was also just in Mexico in a beautiful studio to record a new album and would like to shoot a music video there.
Since my camera is almost an extension of my hand, I had of course all my equipment with me and was looking forward to the project.

International superstars like Natalia Lafourcade regularly record their albums and singles in this incredibly beautiful recording studio “El Decierto”, located in a forest near Mexico City.

Together with Ram Dass, Sukhmani, Grecco Buratto Snatam recorded her new album and I came by in the middle of the intimate recording process as a little disturber with my camera.

We used the day, the sunset and a sunrise to finish all the shots in the recording studio and in the woods.

While in the shooting process, we came up with the idea of a story.
The journey of a song, from birth, to the recording process, the feedback loops and changes until it is finally presented on stage in front of a large audience.

And so it happened that a few months later I met the 4 again on their European tour in Zurich.
Luckily I already knew Daniel from Universal Sounds, the organizer of the event and I was able to communicate directly with him.

In Zurich I shot the performance footage and a few weeks later the video was ready.