about the project

In the stunning desert of Dhaka, a full 12 hours away from Cairo and close to an oasis, I filmed a circle dance and yoga retreat.
During this retreat, in which Philipp contributed as a talented guitarist, we explored the fascinating landscape of sand, dunes and mountains together.
The idea of making a music video for Philipp’s successful song “Om Jesu” came up spontaneously. The creative realisation took place quickly – within one day we realised the vision, inspired by a spontaneous idea and a lively brainstorming session.

In addition to the music video, we also shot three other small one-take videos for Philipp’s website.

Gate Gate (live recording)

In Egypt, the pyramids are an unmissable highlight!
The imposing structure fascinated us deeply, and the decision to use an ultra-wide-angle lens added to its majesty. Philipp performed his song “Gate Gate” live in a unique variation, while I elegantly circled around this impressive work of art with a gimbal.

What is a SoulSong?

Philipp unfolds his artistic magic by creating soul songs.
With impressive improvisation skills, he designs songs that harmoniously adapt to the themes of his clients. These musical creations may serve to bring clarity or to help navigate difficult aspects of life through the healing frequency of music.
Here we present a unique soul song recorded in English and German.

Was ist ein Seelenlied?
(german version)

On the left side you will find a detailed explanation of Philipp’s soul song concept.

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